Offset printing

We have most modern sheet-fed machines manufactured in japan

Ryobi 920

  • 4 colors offset printing machine in form A1+ (maximum printing format 900/613)
  • Print at speeds from 3.000 to 16.000 Arcs per hours
  • Ideal quality combined with economy when printing all A4 catalogues(up to now 90% of A4 catalogues production has been printed on B1 machines)

Komori S29

  • 4 colors offset printing machine in B2 format(maximum printing format 730/510)
  • Komori Lithrone S29 is equipped with advanced automation systems, tahnks to which the machine is distinquished by the fastest change of job in the world
  • In addition to the very short tooling time, the Lithrone S29 offers a tooling speed of 12.000 Ark/h and a maximum speed of 16.000 Ark/h with reproducible print quality, as well as a fast inking and dyeing system.

Other equipement

  • Adast Dominant 826P – machine in B2 1+1 format, ideal for printing in one color
  • Roland – 2+0 machine in B3 format with possibility of numbering


A staff of qualified employees supported by modern equipement and solutions are working on the appropriate process of preparing the works.

Kodak Processless Imager. InSite Prepress Portal System provides fast, secure and easy to use internet acces to the Workflow system. Epson Proof, Adobe software, Windows and Apple.


Fully equipped bindery allows us to perform complex works. We have equipement for punching, foiling, stamping, numbering, perforating and laminating. Differents types of lamination allows us to fully satisfy the needs of our customers:

  • hard case
  • frame
  • Sewn-glued lamination
  • notebook binding
  • spiral lamination
  • artistic setting

We print on paper and cardboard from 45g to 350g.